Vastu Remediation Expertise - Claimed Versus Reality

With respect to vastu remediation experts, it turns out that vastu experts are like quantum reflex analysis experts,
at the very least regarding claims and proof of vastu remediation expertise, and quantum reflex analysis expertise.
In both cases, we all get to observe instant proof, rock-solid evidence that no rational human can hope to licitly refute.
A vastu remediation expert can perform a BDORT ( bidigital o-ring test ) for us to prove that they do know vastu remediation.
Either you know how to do vastu remediation, or you do not. You can talk until you are blue in the face, and proof is proof is proof.
NOTHING speaks louder than success, so when anyone identified or self-identified as a vastu remediation expert gives a demonstration,
it is just like quantum reflex analysis (QRA) in that you do not need ten or twenty opportunities to demonstrate genuine expertise in vastu.

One shot, two shots, that's it. Quantum Reflex Analysis works very much the same way, with only the rarest of exceptions.
Unlike millions of websites urging you to buy this and rent that, the Route of Healthy People is unlike any other website.
Millions and millions of unique pages, and not a shopping cart in sight (or in-site), because money dissolves credibility.

Dr. Cohen wants to reach the world and teach the world, and does not need or badger you to buy anything. YOU decide.
Yes, you can pay Dr. Cohen for vastu remediation expertise, and yet, he prefers that you teach yourself about vastu.
You do have an obligation, if you enter these hundreds and hundreds of huge websites hosted by Dr. Cohen,
to help the helpless, to give a larger portion of your share, which we try to help you grow repeatedly.
Tithing is a stingy minimum, intended only for people who do not wish to share any of their fortune.
Those who understand even minimally that there really is an Architect of the Universe know better.
What you need, you need, all else is luxurious self-indulgence at the expense of too many others.
When we understand even the one and only rule that is common to every known formal religion,
it becomes a matter of personal, physical, emotional, spiritual bliss to help more of the helpless.
Since most of us have no more than a few hundred fast-moving months left to live out our lives,
there is every reason to benefit from vastu remediation expertise, and to take more action now.

Mr-Shortcut & the Route of Healthy People hope to help you improve your fortunes for universal gain.
By promulgating his vastu remediation expertise all around the world, Dr. Cohen does more than speak.
Actions speak louder than words. So, please, learn vastu remediation, or call a vastu remediation expert.

We have succeeded here thousands and thousands of times where others have not: A function of knowledge and skill. 
From Quantum Reflex Analysis on to vastu remediation expertise, imitating the best is always the wisest approach.
Who does it best proves to know it best. Get it from the horse mouth... or from the wrong end of the horse.

Vastu Remediation Is Better Knowledge And Skill

Vastu remediation is less difficult than it may seem at first glance.
Most people who learn about vastu turn first to vastu remediation experts.
While this is generally wise, and useful, it may not be necessary for you to do.

Vastu is energy. When we learn to do our own vastu remediation, we tend to prosper.
This is a strong statement, one that the Route of Healthy People offers cautiously.
As expands with respect to vastu remediation techniques,
you will expand your own knowledge base, doing your own vastu remediation.
If you like, Dr. Cohen can help you with vastu remediation until you learn.
Dr. Cohen, a globally-recognized vastu remediation expert, CAN help,
even over the telephone if you cannot come to his offices yourself.

Energy runs through the earth in huge tunnels, or channels. You can gain benefit from this.
Learning to remediate your vastu - if your vastu even needs remediating, is self-supportive.
Dr. Cohen prefers that you learn and study on your own, so that you participate intelligently.

  Before you arrive at conclusions or make judgements about vastu, and the power of vastu to influence your life,
FIRST learn more. To begin with, you're immoderately likely to live more, qualitatively if not also quantitatively.
As well, your knowledge and (hopefully) subsequent experience will better-equip you to help those you more care for, as well.

Vastu Remediation Application Is Worth More Than Vastu Remediation Knowledge

Keep within your consideration and cogitation:

A) You cannot learn less about anything. Thus is it wise for you to learn more.

B) The more you know, the better and often-wiser your decisions tend to be, hm?

Vastuu shastra is the oldest formal science of humanity, first to be recorded and used.
Today, the simpler term 'vastu' is employed for the sake of simplicity and convenience.

There is no doubt that the energy running underneath the ground has profound influence on our lives.
Did you know, for example, that pointing to a home with index finger while testing O-ring on other hand,
you instantly determine the vastu, the potential prosperity of, whoever is residing in or using that building?
Make no mistake: If your neighbors have no peace in their homes, regardless of their financial situation,
there's simply no chance that you can hold your O-ring tightly as someone gently firmly pries it apart.

Conversely, those who live in a building with peace in their homes, the building will consistentlytest strong.

Dr. Cohen and MisterShortcut tested hundreds of buildings, and never found an exception to these rules.
If you know more than those who are doing more, and can provide evidence to back up your assertions,
then YOU are someone we can all benefit from paying attention to in that particular matter, true?

What you know plays a distant second fiddle to what you do with what you know, so, bring it out.

Until then, imitate the people who are getting the best results among us all...
so that you might better imitate the better results they consistently yield up.

Bottom line: Learn more about vastu, incorporate principles and tools of promoting vastu, as a habit.
Everyone who engages vastu remediation principles, tools, and habits, reaps the rewards of good vastu.

MisterShortcut and the Psychology of Longevity welcome you to one of the homes of vastu remediation,, because remediation of anything, as you know, requires proactive involvement.

Vastu Remediation Is A Beginning For More Of Your Better Vastu Development

Better vastu ensures, beyond anything else that man has discovered or developed so far, opportunity.
Better vastu does not make you rich in currency, although it is not possible to financially prosper with poor vastu.
Better vastu does not heal the results of stupid health and dietary decisions, although no one can heal with poor vastu.
If you doubt for one minute the validity of the world's oldest form of science, and oldest formal science, think twice.

How do you explain that three of the best vastu locations on earth...
... are beneath the homes of the world's three richest human beings?
You think this is coincidence, or you're just foolishly limited in your thinking?

ADVANCE NOTICE: The "catch" to BDORT and vastu is that the person testing must have strong brain points.
That means the first two fingertips placed on the highest point in the head will test strong with B-DORT.
It is that simple, and the QCI held atop the highest point of the head for 20 seconds resets your biofield.
Again, do not express your opinion until you have personally witnessed or experienced these irrefutable facts.
ANYONE holding the QCI vial at the acupuncture point known as GV20 will temporarily strengthen every point in the body.
How delicious that those who seek to refute it get proven wrong instantly, AND get proven wrong consistently and repeatedly.
From one whose IQ, studies, and yield are greater than that of anyone you know, YOU shut the nayasayers up with speedy proof.
Put this in your pipe and smoke it, remembering that the Vastu Remediation Route and Quantum Shortcuts Route are about universality.
The only gems of wisdom and Longevity worthwhile to the Quantum Shortcuts Route and Vastu Remediation Route are gems that are universal.
With just a moment's application of QVial (or free Megatotons images) + a minute of training in BDORT (Bidigital O-Ring Test), YOU get proof what makes YOU wtrong or weak!

Let the Vastu Remediation Route rock YOUR world with facts that plenty of people do not want you to know.
You are now learning the oldest science in the history of the world, the one most closely tied to prosperity,
and, no coincidence, the formal science most closely associated with keys to better health and Longevity.
Point your first two fingers at a building across the street, let's say it is a small business rental space.
Your friend pulls your B-DORT to see if your fingers come apart easily, or if they hold fast together.


The person doing the test does not even have to be looking at the building!
When your B-DORT indicates a better vastu for that building, there is prosperity.
When B-DORT shows a poor vastu, you can bet the tenants turn over with consistency.
What fool would ever rent an apartment, a house, or a commercial venture without vastu?

As always, you do not need to believe anyone, including your Vastu Remediation Route. Prove it!
You see, better vastu and poor vastu even show up through photographs! Go to Google Maps and test!

Zoom in on any one of the homes of the three richest men on earth, currently Slim, Gates, and Buffet.
Point your first two fingertips at the building or grounds, and have someone else pull your B-DORT.
All three of these homes show better vastu.   Now, point your fingers at a train station and test.

You see? The Vastu Remediation Route shares only proven shortcuts of the Universe.

  Vastu Launches A Good Bit More  

Stop settling for less, from yourself, in your efforts.
Results care for themselves when we focus on effort.
Dare to think and act as if you are a cut above average.
Boost yourself upwards with the Quantum Shortcuts Route.

Every time you waste a few minutes, you can fairly multiply that by thousands.
Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Make the time each night to create a written agenda, the 5 most vitals goals of the morrow.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Since there is no cost or charge for you to try these methods for rapid acceleration, let yourself try.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The opinions we all benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Quantum Shortcuts Route is the ultimate in self-empowerment,
where the primary focus is not on your money, rather, your greatness.
Put your credit cards away, you could hardly afford the Quantum Shortcuts Route.
Relax your mind, let down your guard, for the only thing we hope to sell is belief.
Belief in yourself is the start, and remediating your vastu is certain to support the effort.

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What sweeter function can the Quantum Shortcuts Route grasp?  You become an instant hero, by self-award.

A few more samples of the Vastu Remediation Route and the Psychology of Shortcuts, etc.: 

The more you learn, the wiser your decisions tend to be.
Learn more, that you might live more. Imitate masters, THEN innovate!

Another MisterShortcut creation for the Quantum Shortcuts Route and the Vastu Remediation Route.

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Vastu Remediation Is A Choice Of The Wisest Among Us
While good vastu does not guarantee any consistent prosperity,
make no mistake:
vastu remediation does guarantee to consistently attract prosperity

Vastu remediation is a choice of the wise. Most of the time, vastu remediation is simple enough.
When you do not have the land or architectural features that remediate vastu, use supercharging.
From the Megabeams supercharged laser or magnetite stones, to hematite or even QVial minerals,
the tools developed first by Dr. Cohen and then reinvented and boosted by MisterShortcut,
effecting vastu remediation is as simple as planting items that reverse negative energy.

Learn more, so you can live more. This is no solicitation for you to buy something from the Vastu Remediation Route.
It is an earnest effort to get you to learn more so that you can live more, with a great quality to that greater Longevity.
Invest the time, if only a few minutes per day, to learn some of the ins and outs and methods of vastu remediation.

Vastu Remediation For The Remediators

Vastu remediation is a task I grasp with joy,
knowing that vastu remediates, energy against the girl, the boy.
For the energy that vastu remediates, in all that we see and do,
is a vastu remedial motion in time, turning the dark into good.

Vastu remediation, from vastu remedial experts,
will shine in your corners, to bring out their best,
put your fingers together for one more remedial test.
Vastu remediation, in the hands of an expert or two,
will engage all the energy still within in your grasp,
for vastu remediation brings up Earth's truth.

Thus, the effort for vastu remediation.
Learn more so you can live more,
remediating YOUR vastu now.

The Psychology of Longevity, and MisterShortcut, are pleased to introduce YOU to vastu remediation.